Hi, I'm Thanni 👋

I help passionate under 30s monetize their skills🤹‍♂️, knowledge🧠, and time⏰.

I Teach 📚

I pride myself in making complex stuff sound simple. I figured it’s ideal to make good use of the skill while impacting others.

I Speak 🎙

A teacher once told me, “Thanni, you should try public speaking”. Podcasting offers just the right channel to share my ideas, opinions and beliefs.

I Write 🖌

I write simply to share the voice in my head and teach what works. I wouldn’t regard myself as a great writer. But I’m passionate about useful words.

🔥Side Hustles🔥

Allow me to make great use of your time and attention. Get access to premium, exclusive side hustle ideas you won’t find elsewhere.

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💥Courses, Ebooks & Community💥

If you’re looking to elevate your mindset, make money online and be your best version, then you want to check out my online shop. I’ve got courses, guides and a private community of ruthless executors. The future starts now!

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