10 Best Chrome Extensions for Maximum Productivity

Chrome Extensions

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For the average joe, browsers are just browsers. They simply help you navigate the internet and sync your search history. But with extensions, they do so much more. If you were a PC before now, with some of the best chrome extensions I'll mention, you become a mac. Sorry PC fans. 🙂

Also, all extensions mentioned in this post work with firefox.

Why should you consider using chrome extensions?

The generic answer would be that they make your life a whole lot easier. Better put, they help you reduce distractions, save time and be on top of your tasks. If you're a student, freelancer, or entrepreneur, then you want to adopt these extensions in your day-to-day life.

1. News Feed Eradicator

Newsfeed Eradicator Chrome Extensions

Take it from me, this extension is a lifesaver. Well, it depends on what you regard as “life-saving”. In my own case, I'm able to block the endless distracting news feed on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. With this chrome extension, you can replace the newsfeed section with beautiful and sometimes cringy quotes. So, if you've got business to take care of on any of these platforms, you can be sure that other people are not shoving their pictures, achievements, and offers down your throat.

Download for Chrome | Firefox

2. DF Tube (Distraction Free for YouTube™)

Youtube Distractor Chrome Extensions

Youtube is a platform that can make you smart and dumb at the same time. It depends on what you go there to watch. Whatever case it may be, I'm sure you want to enjoy a distraction-free video, even if it's just one time for God's sake. I share your pain. This extension can block almost anything on youtube. From recommendations to comments, video info, notifications, playlists, and many more.

Download for Chrome | Firefox


3. Minimal Twitter

If you want to be all over the place and be about other people's opinions, then Twitter is the best place for you to be. Don't get me wrong, Twitter helps you get your information out there fast but it has an overwhelming user experience for the consumer.

When you visit Twitter, it looks something like this…

With Minimal Twitter, it looks something like this…

Minimal Twitter Chrome Extension

Now you're able to decide which trends to hop on and be in control of your own attention.

Download for Chrome | Firefox

4. Ad Block Plus

Ad block Plus Chrome Extension

If Michael Jackson was an extension, then Ad-block plus would be the king of ad blockers. Online ads, even in the most unobtrusive manner can be annoying. Let alone websites that are ridiculously infested with tricky ads. This is where Ad-block plus comes in. This bad boy blocks ads on all websites, except for some sites that protect themselves against ad blockers.

Download for Chrome | Firefox

5. Momentum

Momentum Chrome Extension

If you hate having to stare at Google's search bar every time you open a new tab, then you should try out Momentum. This extension inspires you to be more productive with daily beautiful backgrounds and quotes. Besides, momentum lets you input a daily focus and even track your todos. Momentum is free but includes some pro features.

Download for Chrome | Firefox



6. Grammarly

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Lo and behold the extension that sees an error in everything. Grammarly is known as the world's best proofreading tool. And I think it earned its rightful place by being a super helpful tool for non-native English speakers like me. Scratch that, even native speakers need help with punctuations, spellings, and common errors in the text.

Download for Chrome | Firefox

7. Calendly

Calendly Chrome Extension

Now and then, you hear “What time would you be free to meet?”. Most times, you and the other person have to go back and forth on what time is best. Herein, wasting time you can't get back. I use Calendly to schedule personal consultations and job briefings with my clients.

Download for Chrome | Firefox

8. Savefrom.net helper


If you'd like to download videos from your favorite sites, especially youtube, you can't go wrong with this extension. It allows you to download videos in various sizes and even audio formats.

Download for Chrome | Firefox


9. Lightshot Screenshot

Lightshot Screenshot Chrome Extensino

This extension is pretty straightforward. It is easy to use and offers different options for which section of the page you want to capture.

Download for Chrome | Firefox

10. Dashlane

Dashlane Chrome Extension

If you are anything like me – you have over 50 generated passwords for strange websites, welcome to the club. Dashlane is a subscription-based password manager for storing your personal and payment information. This extension takes the stress out of retrieving lost passwords on hundreds of websites.

Download for Chrome | Firefox


Enjoy your Chrome Extensions!

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About the Author

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