How to get more tips from your Fiverr buyers

If you’re in any WhatsApp or Facebook group that talks about Fiverr reviews, then what you’re going to learn in this lesson is unique.

No matter how good you’re on paper, you need reviews to start/keep selling on Fiverr.

In many of those groups, Fiverr sellers buy reviews from one another or buy from a specialized review dealer. If you’ve been doing that before now, it’s time to stop.

There’s a better and safer way to buy reviews without having to expose or hurt your account. I’ve been using this method since 2018 without any problem. So, ensure to follow my instructions carefully.

Alright, what you’re going to do are SELF-REVIEWS


  1. A New Email
  2. A PayPal account
  3. A debit card
  4. A Fiverr Account

Ok, let me explain each step

  1. If you don’t know how to create an email, go to to create one.
  2. Now, head on to to create a new PayPal account using the email you created earlier. You don’t need a VPN or anything since it’s going to be a NIGERIAN PayPal. And as you might already know, you can ONLY make payment with a Nigerian Paypal.
  3. Get a GTBANK or ACCESS BANK card and attach it to your PayPal account.

PS: Don’t use your own card. Get one of your loved ones cards. This can be your best friend, dad, mum or whatever.

Now, go ahead and attach the card to your account as seen below.

After attaching your card, you’d be able to make payment on Fiverr. But before that…

Visit and create a FOREIGN account using the same email you created earlier. Yes, you got it, your Fiverr and Paypal email will be the same. To create a foreign account, download Zenmate VPN.

Now that your foreign Fiverr account is created, now’s time to do the reviews. If your new/old account is visible under search, try to search for one of your ranking keywords and send yourself a message. This is going to trick Fiverr into thinking you’re an organic buyer.

Try to make the conversation as genuine as possible. Then send yourself a custom offer. I do between $5-$20 reviews.

When are about to make payment, you’ll be faced with a payment page as seen below. Don’t fret. Choose the paypal option and click on “paypal checkout”.

You’ll be shown a popup as seen below or taken to another page. It’s still the same.

You’ll be asked to login to your paypal. Login to the paypal you created earlier and voila!

PS: Ensure to send the equivalent amount of money in Naira to the card owner’s bank before trying to buy on Fiverr. $7.25 is about #3,200.


  1. You can have as many buyer accounts as possible. I highly recommend not having more than 3.
  2. Save all your login details in a doc if you have more than 1 buyer account. Trust me, if you get things mixed up, your account may be banned. So be very careful!
  3. To do the review, login on your PC for the buyer, and chat via the APP as a seller. If your account is a foreign account, simply use two different browsers on the same PC.
  4. Lastly, always ensure to clear your browsing history before logging into various accounts on the same browser. Check out the video below to learn more.

So that’s it about getting reviews for your account. Let me know if you have any questions in the private community.


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