How to Rank Fiverr Gig for Better Results in 2021

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If you'd love to learn how to rank Fiverr gig on the first page or get some of the best hacks to Fiverr's gig ranking algorithm, then you should read this guide to the end.

But first, I'm going to need you to unlearn whatever tricks you know before now. There's no room for trial and error. Fiverr has too many sellers to entertain random gig ranking experiments. You either get it right or go home.

Fiverr gig ranking algorithm: The catch-22 problem

There's an inherent problem with Fiverr's gig ranking algorithm. For your gigs to be considered for visibility, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Maintain your real level, no demotion
  • Above 4.7 ratings in the last 60 days
  • Above 90 for response rate, order completion, and delivery time

If you don't meet some of these criteria, your gig(s) might sink, and for you to get back up, you need to complete orders. To complete orders, your gigs need to rank. This is the catch-22 problem created by the system and can only be solved by the system.

Given time, your gigs will get back up but you don't want to wait. You have bills to pay! The best way around this is implementing some of the traffic generation methods I'm going to highlight below.

What most Fiverr Sellers don't know

Fiverr's ever-changing algorithm is as robotic as it can get. It does one single thing – “rank the best performing sellers that can help us make more money“. It doesn't matter how long you've been on the platform or how many reviews you have. Every day is a hustle. You have to show that you are still the best gig for the job.

How do you do that?

  • Reply fast
  • Deliver on time
  • Complete all your orders
  • Don't get demoted

I understand this might seem rigid but that's what you get from a productized platform. There are many sellers willing to work for ridiculous prices, so you have to work twice as hard to stand out.

I'm going to show you some of the best ways to rank your Fiverr gigs to get consistent orders.


Rank Fiverr Gig: On-Page SEO

This is the first step to take if you want to rank your Fiverr gig.  You want to be sure that your gig title, description, image, and keywords are optimized for conversion. Your gig must be “related to search”. What's more? It needs to be compelling. Else, you're going to lose customers before they even get to say “Hi”.

Gig Title

Make it short, attractive, and promising. If it's a new gig, ensure to insert the SEO keywords before changing to a more attractive title.


I will create responsive wordpress business website design, redesign, ecommerce


I will create or fix responsive wordpress website design fast


Gig Description

This is the most important section of your gig. You want to be sure that your keywords are evenly spread in the description, with the most important keywords in the first 2 sentences. See an example below.

Do you need a responsive wordpress website for your business or store? You've come to the right place. If you have a Psd, Adobe XD or Figma design file, I'm able to turn that into a beautiful wordpress design ready to publish online.

blah blah…

The description above is generic but you get the drill. Don't spam your gig description with your keywords. Fiverr's search engine will note this and blacklist your gig.

Gig Image

Your Fiverr gig image is like a visual salesman. It can't talk but it can give a good impression of your service. A well-designed gig image will attract buyers to click and see what you have to offer. If it's poorly designed, you're going to lose customers before they even check you out.

Fiverr's gig image requirement

  • At least 550 X 370 Pixel
  • Landscape format
  • Below 100kb in size (recommended)

Visual Hierarchy

Let’s examine these two gigs images. Which one looks more organized?

Yes, It’s the image on the right. Why is this so?

As humans, we love to be given directions. Your image should be self-explanatory and shouts at what you want your buyer to see first. Is it your face or title? Ensure to make the most important information obvious. Also, you want to choose a layout for your image. Do you want the text and images stacked on top of each other or arranged side by side?

Color Psychology

With regards to Fiverr, Color psychology is how buyers feel about gig color, and how it influences their choices.

Let’s examine these two gig images. Which one do you think is catchy?

rank fiverr gig 1

Obviously, the image is on the right. What makes it stand out?

To create a catchy gig image, you need to use highly contrasting colors that make your text pop out from the background.

See examples of gig images with good color combinations below.

fiverr gig rank

gig rank fiverr


The best way to get keywords for your gig is Fiverr's search intent. Go on Fiverr and type in your base keyword. Other keywords suggested by Fiverr are what you should insert in your gig tags and description.

Keep in mind that your gig tags can't take more than 3 keywords, so you should insert them in your description instead.

I did all the above. Why am I not ranking?

I assume your Fiverr account is on its real level, analytics are all green, gigs are optimized for conversion, and you're still not ranking. The next logical step is to get reviews on your gig. Yes, it's against Fiverr's terms of service to buy fake reviews. If you're going to get reviews from friends or family, then you should be really careful. I don't advise it though.

The best way to get reviews on your gig is to use any of the external methods below.

Pro Tip: Ensure your pricing packages are competitive. It's going to drive more clicks and help your gig rank.

Rank Fiverr Gig: Off-Page SEO

Fiverr works the same way as Google. The search engine will definitely do its thing but your external efforts will help you rank faster. These include social sharing, backlinks, and content marketing. The more social gig views you have, the better chance you have at ranking on Fiverr's search.


Social Sharing

This is the fastest and easiest way to rank Fiverr gig. All you have to do is share your gig link on relevant social platforms. You have no excuse not to share your gig link on social media even if you're anonymous. Simply create a pseudo profile on each platform and share your gig link.

Pro Tip: Don't share a link to your profile page. Send traffic to your gig instead.


Many Fiverr sellers underestimate the power of giving value on micro-blogging platforms like medium, Twitter, and substack. You don't necessarily have to be a writer to share what you know or demonstrate your expertise. As a designer or creative, you can use Instagram to show your best works and include your gig link in the bio section.

What most Fiverr sellers don't understand is that people who click your link don't have to purchase your gig. The external traffic you get shows that your gig is doing great and it will be shown to more buyers on Fiverr.

Guest posting

Guest posting is simply the act of publishing your content on a high-ranking website. The idea may seem far-fetched but it's very rewarding. It's the best way to create a “set it and forget it” traffic system for your Fiverr gig. All you have to do is create content around what people are searching for and publish it on a high domain authority website. Your gig link should appear not more than twice in the content so you don't appear spammy.


Content Marketing

If Fiverr is more than just a side hustle for you, then you might want to take things a bit further.  Start a blog, podcast, or youtube channel teaching people what you know. In addition to getting traffic to your services on Fiverr, you've also created new ways to monetize your expertise.

LinkedIn Marketing

This is also one of the best ways to rank your Fiverr gig. LinkedIn is a business platform, so it presents itself as an opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs looking to find new business. You should optimize your LinkedIn profile as a professional who's available for work. Ensure to add some of your projects and link them to Fiverr.

In addition, you should create short, valuable LinkedIn posts for your connections. You want to include relevant hashtags and a link to your Fiverr gig, so prospects can find you.


Bonus Tips to Rank Fiverr Gig

While you're working hard to optimize your Fiverr account and drive traffic to your gigs, there are still a couple of things you can do to rank your Fiverr gig.

Create new gigs to sell old gigs

This is a no-brainer. Fiverr loves to give new gigs a chance to get their first few sales. If you're finding it hard to get orders on your old gigs, then you might want to consider creating a new gig on the same service, but under a different category. Fiverr doesn't like duplicate gigs, so take note.


Increase your conversion rate

If your gig requires buyers to contact you before placing an order, then you need to manage your communication carefully so they can buy from you. The better your conversion rate, the higher your gig ranks on Fiverr.

Also, your gig should be properly optimized with relevant keywords. Your description needs to be persuasive and clear. Lastly, make your pricing competitive. Don't set too high or low prices for your gig packages.

Make your old buyers buy again

Fiverr loves gigs that make buyers buy again. In fact, Fiverr emphasizes this just above the gig image of any seller with repeat buyers. The logic is simple. Repeat buyers mean customer satisfaction. They want more buyers to patronize these gigs.

So, you want to reach out to your old clients for new job opportunities. If you are new on Fiverr, try to maintain good relationships with your clients so they can buy again.

Split your orders

This is an old trick that still works. There are two things to achieve here. You get to increase your number of orders in queue and also get more reviews to boost your gig. Simply ask your client if they are OK with splitting their order into 2, and sometimes 3, and you're willing to bear the fees.

For instance, the order price is $100. You can ask to send 3 custom offers of $30 each, and that you'll bear the $10 loss to help the client with fees on each order. Most times, the client won't need you to bear any loss. It's all about how well you've communicated or maybe you've worked together in the past.

Pro Tip: Don't do this every time. Fiverr will see that you're trying to cheat the system.


Stay online 24/7

Fiverr buyers buy mostly from sellers they can start a conversation with right away. Your Fiverr gig ranking success depends a lot on being online. Stay logged in on your PC and download the mobile app.

Rank Fiverr Gig: FAQ

Is there a Fiverr gig rank software?

No, there isn't. Some traffic software used to work in the past but they don't anymore. The only thing that comes close is the Fiverr autorefresh plugin. This chrome extension plugin can be used to stay online 24/7. I advise that you only use this extension for a few hours in the day. If you have the Fiverr mobile app installed, you don't need this plugin. You just have to build the habit of checking your Fiverr app more often. If you make consistent sales on Fiverr, you won't need this plugin at all.

Best Fiverr gig rank checker

If you'd like to know your gig position in the first 3 pages of Fiverr's search, Fivlytics is the best tool for the job. The web application provides information about your Fiverr account and its ranking keywords.


Final Thoughts

Most sellers who complain about not getting orders on Fiverr spend most of their time tweaking gig titles, descriptions, and keywords. Now you know better. The beautiful thing about this is that you're only putting in the initial effort. Fiverr's search engine will do the rest of the work for you.

Also, keep in mind that the traffic generation methods highlighted above are no guarantee that you will get orders. Ensure to make your gigs compelling and have something unique to sell.

If you liked this post, share with your friends or buy me a coffee to help support my work. 🙂
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