How to Stop Overthinking

Not overthinking is the way forward.

I’ve had this blog for over a year now, and I’ve only been able to create 5 blogs. Yeah, lazy piece of shit…I

But hear me out. This bad boy called Google has too many requirements for someone who just needs to whip out some generic thoughts and upload online. If the things I post here aren’t searchable, then I guess it’s me and my family that will keep reading this blog.

You know what? A pen and paper will do. Imagine paying for hosting and data to share your thoughts online. Attention seeking ****!

Ok, if you’re reading this, thanks for the visit. 🙂


Today, I want to talk about a common problem, especially if you are a perfectionist.

In the game of poker, there’s a popular saying “You think long, you think wrong”. A fancy word for this is “overthinking“.

Something should take only 5 mins but you got lost in your thoughts and spent 2 hours deciding which picture to use for your “Deleting soon” post. Alas, you had little to no engagement. Sorry.

Quick one 👇🏽

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Overthinking doesn’t just waste your time. It breeds indiscipline and lack of focus. Every decision you make impacts the quality of your life. The longer you take to make those decisions, the weaker your mental muscles become. The weaker your mental muscles, the more you give up on tasks and find something to blame for your stagnancy.

Why do people overthink?

First, let’s examine what’s relatable.

  1. Fear of judgment – because you care a lot about what people think or would say.
  2. Fear of disappointment – because you set unrealistic expectations for yourself.
  3. Fear of failure – because you don’t believe in yourself or what you do.
  4. Fear of mediocrity – because nobody should see poor work from you.

Other reasons could be stress and anxiety. Consult your doctor.

How do you stop overthinking?

It’s simple. Trust your instincts. But it’s not that simple…

Here’s my hack.

The first rule is to watch your thoughts, starting today. What comes to your mind first is the “Instinct”, no matter how dumb or brilliant it is. Other layers of thoughts are iterations. You begin to ask yourself. “How can this be better?”, “Should I do this?” “What would people think?”.

When you catch yourself thinking “Maybe I’m overthinking this”. Trust me, you are overthinking it. Then you should act fast on your original thought. Emphasis on the word “fast”.

PS: Original thought can be an idea, opinion, or artwork.

Overthinking is conquered with speed. So to avoid analysis paralysis, learn to work faster than your own thoughts.

Why I’ve got only 5 posts?

Maybe I could have created a lot of posts in the last year, since it only took me an hour to write this one. But I have to consider google SEO before writing, and it takes the fun out of writing. Moving forward, articles under this category will be short, less technical, and casual. That’s the only way I can move fast.

Let’s chat in the comments.

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About the Author

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